BlueHost 提供了 FastCGI 功能

今天收到 BlueHost 的邮件,说 BH 提供了 FastCGI 功能,并从8月1号开始默认为启动。从邮件中看到 FastCGI 好像是一个能够提升网速的东东,并且还说到 FastCGI Bluehost version 10X better than everyone elses!!,BlueHost 的 FastCGI 版本别人的要好10倍,真有那么好,不管如何,先去启动它。

Google 了一下,找到以下关于 FastCGI 的介绍信息:



而FastCGI技术的理论为:FastCGI程序一旦产生后,他可以持续工作,足够满足客户的请求直到被明确的终止。如果你希望通过协同处理来提高程序的性能,你可以请求Web服务器运行多个FastCGI 应用程序的副本。




更多关于 FastCGI 的信息可以查看以下两个网站:

另外,提供 FastCGI 功能是 BlueHost 提升速度系列动作的第一步,在 Cpanel 的控制面板中就看到有个 Dynamic Cache 功能,不过暂时还是 disable 状态。



It has been a while since I have personally sent out an email. I apologize for that. Normally, I try to be more informative. I am writing today to announce some great speed improvements that we have made to Bluehost!

Bluehost now supports FastCGI!!

Great - What is it??

Without getting too technical FastCGI is an option in the control panel that you turn on that will allow PHP scripts on our servers to stay in memory and avoid running the PHP interpreter each time a PHP script is run. This greatly reduces server load! Currently enabling FastCGI for your Bluehost account is OPTIONAL. It is NOT enabled by default. You can choose to enable FastCGI by logging into your Cpanel and clicking on the new link titled "FastCGI Acceleration". We have tested FastCGI extensively for several months and have many of our own custom enhancements to make it better in our environment than any other shared host in my opinion! Please take a moment to enable it on your account. The more users enable it, the faster our shared servers will go! (Thanks to Rob Brown for all his custom work to make the FastCGI Bluehost version 10X better than everyone elses!!)

On August 1st, 2007 we will change FastCGI so that it is enabled by default for all users. At that time if there are individual users that have a specific reason to have FastCGI disabled they can disable it at that time.

Our knowledge base article on FastCGI can be located here as well -

Our Knowledge Base Article

FastCGI is only the first step in a series of speed improvements that are coming. Thanks for staying with us, and for telling your friends about us!


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