WordCamp San Francisco 2008 演讲 PPT 收集

虽不能参加,但是看看这些幻灯片还是不错。于是收集之,如果你发现有更新的,麻烦告知,当然你有兴趣,也可以翻译下 :-)

Noel Jackson speaking on Color Theory and the Making of Monotone -- 色觉理论和 Monotone 主题的制作。

Lorelle at WordCamp 2008 - 260 Ways to Break WordPress

Aaron Brazell speaking on Search and Findability

Andy Peatling speaking on State of BuddyPress

Joseph Scott speaking on WordPress APIs — iPhone and Beyond!

Stephen O’Grady speaking on Open Source business models

Will Norris speaking on DiSo, OAuth, and more

Mark Jaquith speaking on Secure Coding with WordPress

Emil Ong speaking on Quercus — PHP in Java

Jeremy Clarke speaking on Democratizing the Web through Global Voices


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