The plugins on this blog are purely labor of love. I never expected to get any money from them. I will continue writing, supporting and maintaining them as long as I can commit the time.

You can contribute in various ways:

  • If you like my plugins, link to it. I read all the pings (as long as they are written in a language I can understand, English and Chinese 🙂 )
  • Give me feedback. Think you have found a bug? Think you know an awesome new feature? Let me know by posting a comment. I give my best to read all feedback. Though I admit that I don’t implement every proposed feature 🙂
  • Many people are asking for it, so you can also donate via paypal. See the link below.



  • 如果你喜欢我的插件,你可以链接它,我会查看所有 Ping (只要你博客的语言是我能够看懂的英语和中文, 🙂 )
  • 给我反馈,如果你找到 Bug,想到一个非常好的功能,都会非常感谢你留言告诉我。我承认我不可能实现所有建议的功能,但是我会尽力阅读所有反馈。
  • 当然了你有多余的钱,非常欢迎你通过下面的链接捐助我。